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I’m Loukas Anastasiou a passionate Software Engineer & Digital Designer with several years of experience, starting from the concept up to the final result. After living in London, Switzerland, Austria and Greece, I am now based in Munich, Germany.

Mostly focused on interactions and interfaces, I’m looking for opportunities in UI/UX Design. Most of my experience originates from freelance work and through collaborations with great and inspiring companies.

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My purpose is to reveal and understand the stable and changing trends in web design. I am Loukas Anastasiou an independent software engineer and UI/UX designer. Good design is based on thorough research and yields tangible results.

As part of my web design & branding services, I create bespoke plans and deadlines to my client‘s requirements throughout their time and relationship with me.

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I include a wide range of features, tools and supporting services with every website I create. I craft beautiful, engaging websites and over the years have built up a reputation for excellence.

I develop applications using most of the major application frameworks AngularJS, .NET, Django and languages such as C#, Java, Python and JavaScript. Find out how I can help your business today.

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